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BASIC Materials – for basic reading


SSC 111 (664kb)

Introduction to psycholgy

This material covers everything in the course outline, with follow up questions on each topic. It is pretty much basic enough for SSC 111.

SSC 101 (508kb)

Man and His Social Environment

As regards SSC 101. It has almost all our course outlines and it’s explanatory

SSC 101 (9mb)

UI Distant Learning Sociology Handout 

Professionally compiled, I think it does the most reasonable justice to SSC101

SSC 103 - Population (4mb)

Man-Realtion Environment

This material is solely on population in SSC 103. It cuts across all the sub topics.

SSC 103 -Transportation and Environment (8mb)

Man-Relation environment

This material only covers Transportation and Environment, one of the topics in the SSC 103 outline.

SSC 103 -Human Settlement (6mb)

Man-Relation environment

This material only covers Human Settlement, one of the topics in the SSC 103 outline.

LIB 001 (4mb)

Use of library

I think library usage is settled with this material.

SSC 105 (1mb)

Mathematics for social statistics 1

surds, indices & logarithm,
algebraic equations and angles

Neatly compiled, step by step breakdown of all the above listed topics.

SSC 105 (283kb)

practice questions 1



SSC 105 (276kb)

practice questions 2

Quadratic Equations


SSC 105 (277kb)

practice questions 4



SSC 105 (395kb)

practice questions 6

and Binomial Theorem