Light -In

To sound like lighting. We want to propagate light. This anthology series is the light.

We hope that you take this light in and it jolts you up like lightning, leaving you with an enlightening feeling.

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Episode 1 A Ray of Hope?


Once upon a time in the fourth month in the Year of COVID, the need to give hope, love, and light to people through these COVID19 times sparked the idea.

Because we can only do what we can, with what we have – we chose to use our most familiar weapon, the PEN.

The need to affect as many as possible, with as many as possible birthed the call for Pen Wielders.

Most of us drip naturally, it’s normal. But if drops of water will make a mighty ocean, it needs to be concentrated on a spot to stand a chance. And that’s why we stand, away from each other (social distancing) but with each other, together.

The Pen Wielders have written many pieces in all but only a few are contained in this episode of Light -In.